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Devorah Fallows
Registered Acupuncturist - Chinese Medicine

Fallows  means "land  that is allowed to rest and regenerate - a recess from production - giving space to heal and restore naturally - using what is already there, to heal".

My name is also my approach to this medicine.


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Cupping Treatment

Fire Cupping

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Thank you for helping me with my Trigeminal Neuralgia. I'm so glad I can come to you and get immediate relief and not have to rely on just pills anymore. When the pain is so bad that I can't chew, eat, or brush my teeth, I know you'll try to squeeze me in right away. It's amazing having options now! Thank you so much!



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[My daughter (10yrs)] loved the introductory treatment you gave her! She told me all about your acupuncture doll, colouring pages and the needles that she couldn't feel (she thought that was really funny!). It was a perfect first treatment. She thinks [acupuncture] is cool and brags about it to her friends. Nice that our whole family is coming to you now.


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Our college recieved extremely positive feedback from numerous students about Devorah. They love her passion for TCM as well as her clear and engaging teaching style. I would recommend Devorah as a teacher at any TCM college due to her depth of knowledge of TCM and her skill as a practitioner. She was an excellent part of our team at the college.


(250) 815 - 0383

Suite 201-A, 330 Duncan Street

Duncan BC, Canada

Thanks for making contact!

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